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Leadership Lessons from Headmaster Wright

By Tim Magwood

This tribute article below was featured in Trinity College School’s “TCS News” as part of a tribute to the 23 year Headmaster career of Rodger Wright.

How has Rodger Wright influenced you? When this question was asked of me, two words immediately came to mind – balanced leadership. Rodger beautifully balances left brain logic with right brain intuition. He has had a very personal influence on my life and is one of my big three mentors (along with my father and John Latimer). I have never told him that – perhaps I should! I highly respect him as a person, father, educator, coach and friend. He is a model modern educator and leader.

Here are three lessons in leadership that I have learned from Rodger:

1. Leadership is Personal - Rodger is famous for his personal touch. How many kids have received a personalized note from Rodger to acknowledge success? His ability to create individual relationships with students is unparalleled. He makes every kid feel that they are important and that he is interested in their growth and development. Imagine if this match was lit in the corporate environment!

2. Get engaged! - Rodger has always been one of the gang. His desire to stay youthful has caused him to jog with harriers; play shiny regularly on Sundays; sing (to mixed reviews) in the chorus in musicals; and most recently, play saxophone in the band. His primary mission has always been to view and experience TCS through the eyes of the students. His leadership style has always been participative – refreshing, youthful and highly effective.

3. Experiential Learning Causes Lasting Change - Rodger has led few classes, yet has taught countless lessons. And helped shape many lives. Rodger is a wise educator. He lives by Confucius’ credo: “I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.” He is a student of learning and understands that all School activities are learning opportunities. This wisdom shaped every decision he made at TCS.

Rodger, you have had a profound influence on all of us. Keep the momentum going at Collingwood School in B.C. On behalf of the Class of ’88, thank you for enabling us to reach closer to our potential and modeling excellence in leadership.

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