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Client Success Stories

Aviva – Brilliant Broker Experience through Concierge Service

Client Challenge:
Aviva Canada Inc. is one of the leading Property and Casualty insurance groups in Canada.
In-depth market analysis and research shows that Canadians are frustrated by the current state of the insurance industry, and Aviva is committed to earning consumers’ trust through a series of unique initiatives and offerings.

Victoria Carter, VP, Contact Centres, Operations & Technology faced a few specific challenges. The company had embarked on a cultural transformation to achieve :”One Aviva. Twice the Value”; sustainable profitable growth; and more customer and broker centric behaviour. In order to deliver on that promise, the Broker Solution Center (BSC), now known as Concierge Service, was established in four Regions across Canada to serve the needs of their brokers. For Victoria, it was critical for Aviva to deliver a superior broker experience, a key factor in influencing where brokers place their business.

One of the biggest challenges was that brokers had been conditioned over the years to deal directly with an Aviva Relationship Manager; now their main point of contact would be an Aviva Underwriter in the Contact Centre. This meant overcoming the common objection, “I’d like to deal with my Relationship Manager who knows me and knows my business.”

The Fusion Solution:
Fusion collaborated with Victoria and her team to design and deliver the “Brilliant Broker Experiences” program.

The key objectives for the initiative were to enable and embed a high-value servicing culture, develop essential high value servicing behaviours in Underwriters and coaching skills of BSC Leaders, and positively impact Broker satisfaction scores.

The Impact:
Victoria has been impressed with the increase in Broker satisfaction scores against seven key dimensions. She says, “While all seven questions are important, the one I’m paying special attention to is “Value of the Interaction”, which has gone from 39.72% before Fusion training to 73.65%. That’s significant. As we continue to implement this program across the country we must ensure that we’re seeing a strong lift in results and that the improvements are sustainable.”

Questions # of Evaluations Before Fusion Average After Fusion # of Evaluations
Ownership 64 97.92% 98.67% 150
Value of Interaction 64 39.72% 73.65% 150
Delivering on Promises 64 80% 82.73% 150
Confidence 64 76.56% 89.86% 150
Knowledge 64 90.32% 97.30% 150
Efficiency 64 85.94% 91.16% 150
Rapport 64 81.25% 84.44% 150

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