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Existing and emerging competitive challenges drove the need for an organizational transformation at BDC.

Existing and emerging competitive challenges drove the need for an organizational transformation at BDC. BDC wanted to transition from personal to consultative relationships, manage the sales pipeline to make it more accurate and robust, and shift from a strong entrepreneurial spirit to more disciplined sales management approach.

“We needed to change from a transaction driven service culture to a proactive sales culture,” says Jacinthe Higgins, BDC's Director of Learning and Development Strategies.

“The goal is to free up a significant percentage of Account Managers' time to spend with clients. This requires Branch Managers support, so we needed to develop coaching and consulting competencies.”

Fusion Learning Solution:
Fusion Learning designed and delivered customized programs that helped management enhance coaching skills to instil discipline, consistency and efficiency in business development. Further, programs were designed to complement and support existing sales training and create value for BDC Account Managers.

“BDC chose Fusion”, says Diane Martel, BDC's Senior Advisor of Learning Strategies, “because Fusion quickly understood the BDC culture and adapted programs and materials to our specific needs.”

The Impact:
Shortly after the program, participants assessed their knowledge or skill level before and after the training, and perceived significant improvements.

Results recorded were astonishing

Activity Average Before Training Average After Training Gain
1. Apply the Five Sales Coaching Skills Model 27% 89% 62%
2. Use an Effective Feedback Model 31% 92% 62%
3. Lead Successful One-on-One Meetings 32% 97% 65%
4. Diagnose & Review Sales Pipeline with Account Managers 50% 90% 40%
5. Apply Model for Handling Account Manager Resistance 32% 79% 46%
6. Apply the Accompanied Visits Process 60% 96% 36%

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