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Client Success Stories

Canadian Tire Financial Services – Embedding Targeted Sales Behaviours

Client Challenge:
Canadian Tire is the nation's largest hard-goods retailer. It was at the financial services arm of the corporation where their strong Customers for Life (CFL) philosophy was born and bred. Once solely a provider for the corporation's in-house credit card and loyalty programs, Canadian Tire Financial Services (CTFS) has grown into a significant part of the Canadian Tire family and a major contributor to its profit. CTFS is expanding into focused insurance and banking offerings.

As a service organization, signing up new customers, handling enquiries and taking care of customer credit limits, CTFS was a standout performer through their Customers for Life philosophy. However, the Executive Team recognized that there was more to be done. Contact Centres were a cost, yet they could and should become a profit centre. The percentage of retentions – regaining a cardholder who wants to cancel his or her card – could be improved.

The Fusion Solution:
The “CTFS Way of Selling” for the CFL Representatives improves their communication skills, sharpens their questioning abilities, helps them handle objections, and better understand how to position CTFS solutions in order to consistently deliver a compelling customer experience.

The Supervisors (all “leaders” in the Contact Centres) play a pivotal role in the success of their CLF Representatives and this initiative. Their “Coaching the CTFS Way of Selling” consists of a combination of the CFL Representative learning with a major focus on the specific activities and skills to successfully coach CFL Representatives in applying their new skills, tools and processes. Throughout the program, they learn how to improve their coaching mindset, ability to provide effective feedback, coaching communication skills, and shaping the new CTFS sales culture – all focused on enabling CFL Representatives to apply their new selling skills and tools.

The Impact:
Fusion training has had a positive impact on retention results within the Enrolment Team. Prior to training, increases in sales and retention rates were realized; however, sustainability was an issue and concern. The Sales and Coaching Programs were introduced resulting in improved retention results and the long term sustainability of the upward trend in sales close rates.

“Once everyone was through the complete program, our sales and retention results were up by over 30%. This result is worth taking note of.”
Katherine D'Amico – Manager, CRCC Enrolment Team
Canadian Tire Financial Services

“If you don't help your Customer, someone else will. Fusion Learning made sure we made the move to sales, but remained true to the things that are important to us.”
Scott Williams, Associate Vice President
Canadian Tire Financial Services


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