Programs for Sales Managers

3 Keys for One on Ones Kevin Higgins, President, Fusion Learning talks about the 3 keys to leading effective, world class One-on-Ones with your salespeople.
Communicating your point of view To be truly successful with World Class One-on-Ones, you need to “Communicate Your Point of View!” Watch Tim Magwood, Founder, Fusion Learning as he talks about this valuable insight.

Conducting World Class One-on-Ones

World Class One-on-Ones are strategic conversations that check in on Salespeople overall, how they are tracking on performance and take time to provide personalized coaching.

Benefits Include:

  • Be able to use a tool to optimize preparation for One-on-Ones and take a more disciplined approach
  • Improve ability to help Salespeople to see the forest from the trees
  • Enhance ability to motivate and manage performance
  • Be able to demonstrate effective, value-driven conversations

Target Audience: Sales Leaders

The World Class One-on-One Structure involves a change in thinking from Traditional meetings:

World Class One on Ones

The system relies on the following key components:

  • Standard agenda
  • Manager preparation before meeting on standard form
  • Manager file for Sales Rep.

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