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Programs for Sales Managers

Effective team Meetings Do your sales people rate your sales meetings an 8-out-of-10 consistently? If not, watch Kevin Higgins, President, Fusion Learning, talk about the keys to running effective sales meetings that deliver an 8+ rating consistently.
Skill Knowledge Drills Learn how to integrate Skill Knowledge Drills into your sales meetings and one-on-one coaching. Watch Tim Magwood, Founder, Fusion Learning, describe how to do it effectively.

Motivate Your Team by Facilitating Engaging Sales Meetings

Too often, sales meetings are a round table on “what are you doing this week?” In this module, we focus on how to better motivate and enable your salespeople during team meetings.

Benefits Include:

  • Demonstrate an approach to leading team meetings that is more facilitation vs. presentation
  • Help improve confidence and competence in using meeting preparation tools
  • Have specific techniques to motivate salespeople
  • Integrate high impact “skill drills” into sales meetings to enable selling skills

Target Audience: Sales Leaders

Facilitating Engaging Sales Team Meetings

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