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Programs for Sales Managers

Sales Participation Rate What's the participation rate of your sales team? Kevin Higgins, President, Fusion Learning discusses the critical importance of paying attention to this often overlooked metric to unlock over plan performance.
Creating focus and accountability in sales team Tim Magwood, Founder, Fusion Learning talks about creating focus and accountability with your sales team on a daily basis.

A Sales Management Approach That Drives Accountability

High performing Sales Managers focus on inputs vs. outputs. Sales Managers are led through a reverse engineering approach to focus on metrics that matter.

Benefits Include:

  • Agree on key sales metrics to track for individuals and the Sales Team overall
  • Draft and be committed to implementing a sales performance tracking systems
  • Practice diagnosing skill and activity gaps and determine coaching action plans
  • Learn to effectively integrate sales data in Sales Team meetings and One-on-Ones

Target Audience: Sales Leaders

Managing Activities and Results

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