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Programs for Sales Managers

Three keys to developing sales leadersTim Magwood, Founder,Fusion Learning shares our perspective on developing great Sales Leaders: Attitude + Skills + Processes = a great Sales Leader.
Improve employee engagementWatch Kevin Higgins, President, Fusion Learning share 3 keys to improving employee engagement: valuable one-on-ones; constant feedback; and deal with performance issues.
Sales participation rateWhat's the participation rate of your sales team? Kevin Higgins, President, Fusion Learning discusses the critical importance of paying attention to this often overlooked metric to unlock over plan performance.

Fusion has partnered with Schulich Executive Education Centre to conduct comprehensive research with leading sales organizations across North America to study sales culture trends. >>>> Contact us to learn more.

We have discovered that sales management is the highest point of leverage in a high performance sales culture. For example, sales meeting productivity is rated as 6.2 out of 10; and 44% of organizations do not have a model for Sales Managers to provide feedback to Salespeople.

Programs for Sales Managers is an integrated curriculum addressing key insights from our research including: Sales Leader BluePRINT, Managing Activity & Results, Sales Coaching, Leading & Motivating, Conducting World Class One-on-Ones, Facilitating Engaging Sales Meetings, StorySelling.

We customize our sales management programs so that they are culturally specific to your business.

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