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Programs for Salespeople

3 Keys for SmartSelling How are you helping your salespeople to work smarter? Watch Janet Logan, VP Clients Solutions, Fusion Learning share 3 keys to SmartSelling: identify key sales activities; prepare thoughtful questions; and shift the energy in client meetings.
Reducing Sales Cycle Time Are you paying attention to sales cycle time? Kevin Higgins, President, Fusion Learning shares our point of view on how to reduce the number of meetings and proposals, while producing the same sales outcome, can have a big impact.
Managing Watch Janet Logan, VP, Client Solutions, Fusion Learning share 3 keys to managing energy: energy can be shifted; use your positive energy; and process enables energy.

Generate Better Business Results with Smart Selling

In every industry, there are the few who sell ten or twenty times what the average person sells. Clearly they are not working twenty times harder. Chances are they are working differently – Smart Selling.

If we are going to sell smarter, then we don’t need to work harder. We must think and work more efficiently.

  • Understand and commit to personal productivity strategies to reduce sales cycle time and optimize results
  • Use techniques to work smarter during prospecting activities, preparing for client meetings and closing business
  • Leverage energy to generate better results during prospecting activities and Client meetings
  • Adapt to Client’s energy and buyer motives in the sales cycle to close more business

Target Audience: Salespeople


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