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Storyselling the art of engagement Watch Craig Wortmann, a key player at Fusion Learning, discuss how we help sales teams and sales leaders structure, build and tell compelling stories in sales situations to win more business. Story Matrix Hear Craig Wortmann describe the Story Matrix - a pallet of your organizations' best stories that salespeople and sales leaders can easily access and weave into meetings with Clients.

Use Story Selling to Differentiate Yourself in a Crowded Marketplace

Stories are one of the things that make life and work fun and fulfilling. The ability to craft and tell great stories is a critical business and life skill.

Benefits Include:

  • Awareness of how stories impact performance and results
  • Build a story and practice telling it for an upcoming sales opportunity
  • Increase consistency of high impact story telling across the sales force
  • Be memorable – Differentiate yourself in a crowded marketplace

Target Audience: Sales Leaders and Salespeople

StorySelling Skills

Hear Craig Wortmann share 4 stories

  • 104000$ Story
  • Drop Forge
  • Ted Williams
  • Legend of the Archer

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