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3 Keys for Winning Negocations Watch Tim Magwood, Founder, Fusion Learning share our 3 secret ingredients to Winning Negotiations: have a winning mindset; determine if it's time to negotiate; and position with strength.


Negotiation Skills Training That Enhances Relationships


We learn to negotiate at a very early age. We negotiate for time, terms and of course, for fees. We all have a natural tendency to be either too firm, or too soft. Learn how to get what you want and maintain important relationships with our negotiation skills training.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Use negotiation planning tool to help prepare effectively
  • Open a negotiation with clear purpose and benefit
  • Better position yourself in negotiation situations to leverage strengths
  • Practice using a 4-step negotiation process in real negotiation situations

Target Audience: Salespeople

Winning Negotiations

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