Why Sales Managers Tolerate Poor Performance

When salespeople are performing poorly, sales managers are usually the first to know. If that’s the case, however, then why do so many sales managers wait so long to send low performers on their way?

In a recent article in Selling Power’s “Sales Management Digest”, our CEO, Kevin Higgins, discusses how many sales managers focus almost exclusively on their overall quota number, ignoring a key metric – participation rate. Kevin defines participation rate, explains why it’s such an important measure, and discusses the ongoing management of all performers on sales teams to help lift both behavior and results, move the needle on performance, and maintain good performance.

We’re pleased to share this article with you. You’ll find it’s a good read: http://www.sellingpower.com/content/article/?a=10305&nr=1/why-sales-managers-tolerate-poor-performance

Scott Gilmore

Scott Gilmore is the SVP Sales and Marketing of Fusion Learning Inc., recognized by Selling Power as one of the Top 20 Sales Training Companies in North America.
For more information, please call Scott at 416.424.2316

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Scott Gilmore

About Scott Gilmore

Scott Gilmore is the SVP Sales and Marketing of Fusion Learning Inc., recognized by Selling Power as one of the Top 20 Sales Training Companies in North America. For more information, please call Scott at 416.424.2316

10 thoughts on “Why Sales Managers Tolerate Poor Performance

  1. Fantastic article Scott. It aligns with my experience in observing the behavior of my clients. It’s also further evidence that it’s imperative to pick the rep. Personally, I’m a big fan of hiring extreme personalities as they tend to do extremely well or fail miserably. My definition of purgatory is having a rep that’s on the performance bubble as it usually drags out for months until you or the rep has had enough.

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